Medical Facility Efficacy Testing for Cleanliness Validation in Fargo, ND

In a medical setting, standards of cleanliness can sometimes be the difference between life and death for a patient. When ill or at-risk individuals step into a healthcare facility, they are vulnerable to germs left behind by other patients or workers that can be detrimental to their health. Even healthy patients seeking routine preventative care may fall victim to viruses and bacteria that slip through the cracks due to subpar daily cleanings.

At Nordic Environmental, we use innovative technology and the most accurate methods to provide cleaning efficacy testing for medical offices and facilities all throughout Fargo, ND.

Why should doctors, dentists, and other healthcare offices test for coronavirus, bacteria, and other viruses?

As a healthcare professional, you’re likely well aware that visual assessment alone cannot determine whether your facilities have been effectively decontaminated of the thousands of microbes moving in and out each day. When you leave the efficacy of your cleaning protocols in question, you put your patients, staff, and other visitors in danger of contracting coronavirus and other serious illnesses.

Cleanliness verification through virus and bacteria testing in the most efficient means of evaluating how well your office is being sanitized. Only once you have proof of cleaning and disinfectant validation can you confidently reassure your patients that their health is in good hands.

Nordic Environmental Cleaning Efficacy Testing Can Give Proof of Sanitary Conditions

Using an ATP meter, our team is able to detect how much organic matter remains on the items and surfaces in your medical facility. This allows us to identify areas that have not been cleaned properly and if your office is being disinfected to the standard necessary to keep your patients safe.

Nordic Environmental can perform efficacy testing for cleanliness validation in all types of healthcare settings in Fargo, including:

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Dentist offices
  • Orthodontist offices
  • Chiropractor’s offices
  • And more!

There is no price too high or effort too great when it comes to protecting the health and wellness of the patients, employees, and other individuals in a medical facility. Verify that you are fulfilling your responsibility to your patients and that the cleaning measures being used in your space are effective with our cleaning efficacy testing services.

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