Certified Mold Inspection & Testing Services

Certified Mold Inspections in Fargo, ND

Mold reproduces by forming tiny invisible spores that are completely invisible to the human eye. These spores can survive under almost any condition, and over a long period of time. When an airborne mold spore lands on a humid or wet surface, it can start growing or reproducing. It is the airborne mold spores that are causing illness to humans being exposed, as the spores are inhaled into the respiratory system. The spores are so small and light in size and can travel around the house contaminating areas where no actual growth is present. If you have severe mold growth in one area in your house, the chances are that other areas could be contaminated since spores can travel from heat rise, pressure differences, and through the HVAC system.

Nordic Environmental provides Fargo, Moorhead, and surrounding areas with Mold testing services, Mold assessment, and Mold inspections. We are certified, licensed, and experienced to help you figure out your mold problems or concerns. We will come to your house, and do a thorough mold inspection with humidity, moisture, mold, or other possible environmental hazards in focus.

Depending on how serious your problem is, the mold inspector may or may not recommend to do surface samples, bulk samples or indoor air quality testing.

The samples will be shipped overnight, and analyzed by the leading environment mold testing laboratory in the country. The results will be received 2 business days after the samples were collected.

Nordic Environmental has a wide experience and network in the mold business. We will lead you in the right direction, and guide you through the process so everything will be done correctly.
Many things can go wrong during a mold remediation process. Any mold remediator with some dignity should hire a 3rd party to do air quality testing after the mold remediation is completed. This is to confirm that the remediation process is done properly and the counts of mold spores in the house are back to normal. Nordic Environmental serves Fargo, Moorhead, and the surrounding areas.

Contact Nordic Environmental at any time to schedule your mold inspection or mold test.

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