Hospitality Efficacy Testing for Cleanliness Validation in Fargo, ND

When travelers are looking for a place to stay, their first concern will be the quality of their accommodations. Guests want a safe, sanitary environment that makes them feel as well-protected from disease-causing viruses and bacteria as they do in their own home.

As the owner or manager of a hospitality business, it is your job to ensure your facilities can offer this high standard of cleanliness. Nordic Environmental can help you assure your guests and staff that you meet this standard with our cleaning efficacy testing in Fargo, ND.

Why should you test for coronavirus, bacteria, and other viruses in your hospitality building?

A hotel, motel, inn, or bed and breakfast should be a place where guests feel comfortable and at ease. If they’re trusting you with their business, you should be able to guarantee that the cleaning methods and disinfectants you’re using to protect them are the most effective available.

Dirt, debris, and organic matter that deposits or fosters the growth of different pathogens is constantly being tracked into and spread throughout hospitality settings. If not eliminated properly, these pathogens put the people around them at risk for serious illnesses like coronavirus and others.

For the sake of your valued customers, loyal staff and ultimately, the success of your business, it’s important to test for the presence of these microorganisms in your building. With our Fargo hospitality disinfectant verification services, you can ensure your cleaning procedures are effective at thoroughly decontaminating your space.

Nordic Environmental Testing Can Give Proof of Sanitary Conditions

Bringing in a third-party expert to verify the efficiency of your cleaning staff is the smart, responsible choice for every hospitality industry professional. Efficacy testing is the most reliable, accurate way to determine whether the conditions of your accommodations are fully clean and safe.

The team at Nordic Environmental can use rapid ATP testing for viruses and bacteria to validate the cleanliness of hotels, motels, inns, and bed and breakfasts in Fargo. We can provide you with the proof you need to reassure guests that they are in no way at risk for microbiological hazards during their stay. If your results show the need for improvement, we can provide you with the resources you need to restore a high standard of quality in your business.

Make sure your cleaning staff is working effectively and efficiently—and that you are doing everything in your power to prioritize the health and safety of your guests—with hospitality efficacy testing for cleanliness validation from Nordic Environmental.

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