School & Educational Facility Efficacy Testing for Cleanliness Validation in Fargo, ND

When students go to school, they should be focused on learning new things and exploring their passions—not worried about potential threats to their health lurking in the air and on the surfaces around them.

If you’re a leader in education who is responsible for keeping your facility operating at its maximum potential, then part of your job is providing a safe, sanitary environment in which students and staff can thrive. Verifying the effectiveness of the cleaning methods and products you use is a vital step to assuring that you are sustaining that.

The cleaning efficacy testing services we offer at Nordic Environmental can provide Fargo schools and educational facilities with cleanliness and disinfectant validation to ensure they’re meeting the highest standards of sanitation and safety.

Why should schools test for coronavirus, bacteria, and other viruses?

As students, teachers, and other educational professionals gather in a school or other learning facility, they bring with them a myriad of different pathogens. If proper cleaning and decontamination measures are not taken, the viruses and bacteria contained in many of these pathogens will remain active, putting everyone in their vicinity at risk.

Testing for the presence of viruses and bacteria in your school is the only way to determine whether or not your current cleaning services are adequate or need to be improved.

Nordic Environmental Testing Can Give Proof of Sanitary Conditions

Disinfectant and cleaning validation is a process that uses scientific methods and technologies to evaluate how efficiently a facility is being sanitized. At Nordic Environmental, we use an ATP meter to measure how much organic matter (i.e. viruses/bacteria) is left on surfaces and in areas that have been cleaned.

With these on-the-spot results, we are able to either provide you with proof of sanitary conditions in your school or identify deficiencies in your cleaning services. If our efficacy testing detects problem areas, our experts can advise you on the best next steps to take.

Call Nordic Environmental in Fargo, ND today to protect your school and give your students and staff the peace of mind they deserve while they’re getting their education!

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