Cleanliness Validation for Offices & Public Buildings

Every individual who spends their workday in an office building or public facility deserves the comfort of knowing all steps possible have been taken to ensure the quality of their environment. Business and property owners should be able to confidently reassure them that the most effective cleaning and disinfecting measures are in use to protect their health and wellness.

With Nordic Environmental’s cleaning efficacy testing services in Fargo, you can get the proof you need that your tenants and visitors have been safeguarded against potentially hazardous diseases and pathogens.

Why should you test for coronavirus and bacteria in the workplace?

When workers are operating in close quarters or dense populations in an office or public space, they’re exposed to a lot of different germs. As people and their belongings come and go, microscopic viruses and bacteria get tracked in and around, settling on different surfaces and spreading through the air. Your cleaning protocols are your number one defense against these pathogens, meaning their efficacy is vital to the quality of your facility.

Efficacy testing is a process that verifies the effectiveness of the cleaning methods and disinfectants being used to sanitize your office building. It is the only way to guarantee that your occupants are not vulnerable to catching illnesses caused by lurking viruses and bacteria, such as coronavirus.

Cleaning Efficacy Testing from Nordic Environmental Can Give Proof of Sanitary Conditions

The cleaning of most office buildings and public facilities is left to third-party companies or separate in-house staff, which means you’re putting the health and safety of your tenants in their hands. To quell any concerns that you or building occupants may have about this team meeting proper standards of cleanliness, Nordic Environmental can provide you with cleaning and disinfectant validation.

Through the latest technology in ATP monitoring, we will test areas and surfaces in your office building for the presence of viruses, bacteria, and other organic matter that could put employees and visitors in danger. With these on-the-spot results, we can provide you with proof of sanitary conditions or identify problem areas and connect you with resources for improving them.

Ease the mind of every occupant in your Fargo office or public building by bringing in Nordic Environmental for reliable and precise cleaning efficacy testing. Contact us today to make sure your property is truly safe and sanitary!

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