About Nordic Environmental

Nordic Companies offers professional environmental testing services for residential and commercial properties in Fargo, Moorhead and the surrounding area. You can rely on Nordic Environmental for thorough, accurate and prompt evaluation of your property regardless of its size or condition.

We take pride in delivering exceptional testing services. After a testing is completed, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of the findings on your property. The report is easy to read and includes explanations and advice for maintaining your home.

Founded in 2010, we offer many years of experience in environmental testing including Mold, VOC, Cigarette/Tobacco smoke, Methamphetamine use/cooking, and Radon Testing. We are also Litigation Support experts, helping with case solving and being your expert witness in court proceedings.

Owner Lars Knobloch is a certified mold inspector, a council certified indoor environmentalist, and a certified radon measurement provider. Lars has completed the AHIT Home Inspection Class and is also a Certified ASHI Inspector and is insured and certified with the State of North Dakota.

Environmental Inspection Division in Fargo ND

Environmental testing is important for your health and the health of those close to you, whether it be family or coworkers. Nordic Environmental can help you identify toxic conditions, and recommend mitigation should problems exist.

Do you suspect you might have a mold, radon, formaldehyde or VOC’s in your home or business?  Nordic Environmental can help home owners and business owners alike with our testing services.

Call us at (701) 566-1446 or schedule an appointment online today.

American Society of Home Inspectors Fargo ND Member of National Radon Proficiency Program IAQA Member