Best Tips For How To Control Humidity In Your Home

You might think that the majority of the NORDIC ENVIRO photo 1moisture in your home comes from showering, doing laundry, dishwasher, cooking etc? You are wrong.  The majority of the moisture in a home enters the home through the ground.

The University of Minnesota Extension Service that moisture entering a home from the soil could be as much as 100 pints per day! Controlling this moisture is a huge part of keeping your house dry. A dehumidifier will obviously help, but in reality it will only be a band aid.


One of the best options is to install sub-slab depressurization system, also called a radon mitigation system. The humid soil gases will be drawn into your mitigation system, exhausted to the exterior, and will never enter your home.

The average cost of installing radon mitigation system in a standard sized home is typically around $1300-$1400.

In our next blog we will cover how air-to-air exchangers can help you control the humidity in your home

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